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Artist Support Pledge


Describe your work in one sentence? 
Works on paper informed by the landscapes of my youth which address themes of identity, memory and loss.

What and who inspires you?
Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, Derek Jarman, Sylvia Plath, PJ Harvey, Patti Smith and David Bowie are lifetime companions lighting the path.

Many essential others including: Artists: Paul Nash, Edward Burra, Georgia O’Keefe, Vija Celmins, Caspar David Friedrich, Kiefer, Richter, Blake, Durer, Turner.
Writers and poets: Rebecca Solnit, Robert Macfarlane, Olivia Laing, Ali Smith, Seamus Heaney, Emily Dickinson and Keats.
Ancient sites and mythology. 
The history, culture and natural beauty of my native Northern Ireland. 

Share five artists you’ve discovered on the Pledge? 

What advice would you give to someone starting out on ASP? 
Provide lots of detail in your posts. Tell the story and the process behind the work to make it more engaging. Post clear images with different details and views of the work (if it’s framed include a photo). 

What advice would you give your younger self? 
Have confidence in your work and follow your instincts. Be passionate and work hard, but take time to just breathe. Occasionally step aside and ask yourself “but is it heroic”? 

How has ASP impacted on your life as an artist/maker? 
It’s been such a positive experience to be part of the ASP community. Taking part has been valuable both in terms of the opportunity to introduce my work to a wider audience and discover and connect with many other artists.

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